finding the family

taxi-rehearsal-21Only the second day of rehearsals and already the family has come to life. Very believable relationships between dad and daughter, sister and sister and (hopefully) husband and wife; thanks to great playing by Christina, Josie and Jim. It’s great being in it but slightly distracting as I find myself pencilling in edits and missing my cue.

The magical quality of the park and vale is emerging too and George’s presence growing. We’ll work on the second, more sinister half this morning but first got to have an interview with Radio Newcastle. Trying to drink enough coffee as I was up till after 1.30 drafting what should be the performance script.  So enjoying it. Today our last full day as tomorrow will be teching and dressing.


About Carol McGuigan

writer, performer, wonderer As a writer I am represented by Euan Thorneycroft at A.M. Heath As a performer by Janet Plater there's also a brief but currently out of date biog about my writing on the Literature North East site
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