the isness business is about making a life and a living of writing, two different but hopefully not incompatible things. Having started my professional writing life as a dramatist, I later extended into prose. Five of my short stories have been published and my novel Lying Apart is in progress towards the fourth of its drafts.

My short story The Talking Cure was chosen this year by Jackie Kay for publication as a winner of Mslexia’s national short story competition.

I still occasionally write drama as when, in 2009, I adapted Julia Darling’s last novel, The Taxi Driver’s Daughter, into a piece of theatre, a fascinating formal challenge drawing on all my skills to date. Here Come The Girls was made the same year, a verbatim piece of theatre made from the thoughts, opinions and experiences of a diverse group of inimitable young women, all living on Tyneside.

There’s a bit of a blurb about me on this link: http://www.shop.newwritingnorth.com/carol-mcguigan-m3098.html

And see this on my agent’s website:



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